Friday, September 18, 2009

Japanese Atsuko Body Paintings Variegated Color

Japanese Girl Atsuko painted her Body with Variegated Color paintings. This body art is created by Lilo Kinne's Multidimensional Painting. Lilo Kinne is also worked with Multidimensional Dance & Theater.
Atsuko Body art's Atsuko is a Japanese dancer living in New York City. This Atsuko Body art makes a beautiful abstract body art with the modern concept and in a living canvas.

Japanese Atsuko Body art PaintingsJapanese Atsuko Body art Paintings-variegated color. Atsuko Body art of Japan.
Japanese Atsuko Body PaintingsJapanese Atsuko Body Paintings with full-loaded colorful paint.
Japanese girl Atsuko Body PaintingsJapanese girl Atsuko Body Paintings, in her hands, full body and slightly face paintings.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

6 Exclusive Japanese Body Art

Some very familiar and common Japanese Body Art. The body art includes- Japanese body art of koi fish, Jar, flower jar, Geisha, Dragon paintings and Manga. Dragon bodyart is also belongs to Chinese body art. Manga is Japanese cartoon and here is a body art of Japanese manga. Koi fish is mainly used as body art Tattoos in Japan. Other two body art of Jar is very old and famous body art paintings of Japan. See the 6 exclusive Japanese Body Art below-

Japanese body art koi fishJapanese body art koi fish. This koi fish body art is very much popular in Japan.
Japanese body art jarJapanese body art-jar.
Japanese body art flower jarJapanese body art-flower jar.
Japanese body art gaishaJapanese body art-geisha. Geisha, Geiko or Geigi are traditional female Japanese entertainers. Here, Two female model paint their whole body like the Japanese Geisha dress with an umbrella.
Japanese body art Dragon paintingsJapanese body art-Dragon paintings.
Japanese body art MangaJapanese body art-Manga.